Grider, Novellene/Bobbie from Texas are deadbeats

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My husband and I bought this house from Bobby D.Grider and Novellene "Novie" Grider in March of 2003 in Beaumont, Texas.

We have been getting collection calls and skip tracing attempts to find the Griders since moving into the house. The constable even came here looking for them to serve lawsuit papers after we took possession of the house and moved in. We are not the Griders!! They have moved and we don’t know where they went!!

We will not be responsible for debts other than our own!! Note: We have lived here for more than 5 years.

We will take any further collection or skip tracing attempts by any company to the state attorney general.The harassment caused by the Griders on us will not be tolerated.

Review about: Collection Calls.



That explains the paint invoices and refunds from paint companies that came to the house. I sent all mail back to these creditors letting them know that the Griders had moved and left no forwarding address. The Griders are so dishonest that all the creditors thought we were Bob and Novellene under an assumed name!!


Robert "Bob" and Novellene "Novie" Grider once "owned" a paint and body shop that "sold" cars they did not own the title to, the cars were from a failed used car lot Bob and another person opened. The cars belonged to the bank, but that did not stop Bob and Novie from selling them to poor, unsuspecting people. Bob Grider is a thief and piece of trash, and his wife is no better.


I think Novellene Grider called today and cussed me out.Toooooo bad.

You need to take care of your debts and not let anyone else take the harrassment for them. BTW, the "maintenance" that the Griders did on the house as lien holders was the absolute worst I've ever seen.

I hope the welding "businesses" weren't as bad as this.In closing, here's your "tricked out ice cream truck" that you mentioned on the phone, old bag...

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